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Sakuramen - signature vegetarian ramen at Sakuramen

We’re just a couple guys who are passionate about ramen, which we feel is the ultimate comfort food, inspiring childhood memories of sharing with family and friends.  Our sole focus is to create the best ramen on the planet, without using artificial flavorings of any kind, sourced from pure bone broth coupled with the freshest ingredients available.

We do not favor any particular style or cultural influence when it comes to our ramen dishes.  With an unbridled approach to culinary creativity, we strive to deliver a unique dining experience that highlights a fusion of diverse flavors from across the globe.  From ramen houses in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Seoul, to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, we are pleased to see that others love ramen as much as we do… and so we are especially proud to open our doors in Washington DC, in the heart of a city we love to call home.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.  Humbly Yours…

~ Jay & Jonathan ~

6 / 14 /201309:58 PM
CityEats: A Winsome Noodle House Blossoms in Adams Morgan

Sometimes you have to look down for a pick me up.

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5 / 30 /201304:05 PM
Sakuramen Owners Talk Family, Entering the Business – One Year In – Eater DC

A great way to document our anniversary! Thanks to Kat Lucero

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3 / 22 /201307:49 AM
The Ten: Best Ramen | The Plate: DC

The Ten: Best Ramen | The Plate: DC.

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